Reflective Voices: The Gender Pay-Gap Patch

Our identity and voices are a big part of who we are. ‘Reflective Voices’ explores everyday situations, reviewing the issues within them. Focusing on cultural issues that women face daily. The use of traditional techniques associated with women in the past as well as feminist statements projected through the labels, acting as an agency of voice allows deeper connections to emerge. Performing in a local vintage shop within the town of Margate subtly reviewed the proximity of one woman to another, communicating the sense of womanhood within the area. Re-presenting the problems from the past and

re-imagine them in the near future from a feminist perspective.

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Would You?

This was a group task which took the concept of 'tactility' and 'new discoveries', mixing it with current issues. Our group chose to look at the new technologies in the context of morals and touching. Using the tenchology we gave instructions to play with the notion of non-human control. The participants where then instructed to virtually interact.


Social Kit

This project was a social kit - for the concept we were given 'Maths'. The aim was to encourage people to learn maths. None of us were a massive fan so we broke it down to its simplest form and used the micro qualities  to create a way to encourage the users. Basing it on a calming way to learn (colouring) we used mathematical forms and patterns within the book which consisted of everyday items.