Reflective Voices : Part One

Our identity and voices are a big part of who we are. Using the garments as an agency of voice, 'Reflective Voices' explores everyday situations, reviewing the issues within them. Focusing on the cultural issues that women face daily as well as feminist statements. Using techniques associated with women in the past will allow deeper connections to emerge, reviewing the proximity of one woman to another. This project aims to re-present the problems from the past and re-imagine the future from a feminist perspective.


Reflective Voices: Pop Up (Part Two) 

A pop up version held in Peony Vintage (margate) to look at the localisation of womanhood as well as the importance of the labels being circulated.




Part of my Major Project of Unit one, this looked at the 'otherness' from the mainstream. Breaking women away from stereotypical notions.



This project looks at the anxieties women feel within social contexts. Looking at situations of daily life, the project aims to highlight advise from a personified garments speaking to the women to support them in certain contexts.